A Matter of Health

A Matter of Health

The meat has carcinogens, the sushi is artificial, WTF. No seriously, what in the entire f*ck.

Like many newly vegetarian or vegan people, I watched the What The Health documentary on Netflix with my husband. It wasn’t exactly a Netflix and chill evening. In fact, that was the same night we vowed to never eat meat again. Not only did it scare the cow, chicken, and goat meat out of us, I personally took it a step further and vowed to be a vegan.

Fast forward 8 weeks later and a large grocery budget for Whole Foods; I’m rethinking this entire health journey. Did I say I want to be vegan? Right. I was caught up in the moment. Once upon a time I was vegan for about two months. The longest two months of my life.

Despite my gripe, I thought What The Health was a pretty solid documentary. However, many people questioned their motive. They questioned whether it was bias and aggressively pushed a vegan lifestyle. I believe, regardless of the motive, the information is still alarming and I personally believe it to be true. Now, with that said, I still cannot commit fully to veganism – just yet. However, I will try to balance what I eat. Little to no red meat, no more pork (YES, I know that’s a given), and I will make a great attempt to juice at least a few times a week.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for me, please share. I’m in the struggle here and would like to get it right without being too dramatic. This will no doubt be a process.



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