About BE… That’s ME

About BE… That’s ME

Belyne Louis-Jacques, the Haitian-American working gal, entrepreneur, podcast host, and more. You know . . . well, I want to be a rapper, an actor, a producer, I want to write and produce my own songs (insert Coming to America scene). Get it? No? Whatever! Leave me alone. That was funny.

First and foremost, I’d like to preface by saying I am not a fashion or beauty blogger. People have worked years perfecting their craft and credibility, so I will not put that stamp on my profile. However, I may write about a product that I like and want to share. But please don’t take my personal feedback as gospel.

Don’t let me confuse you. When I initially launched BEnoted. in 2014, I positioned the blog as a fashion, beauty and entertainment site. We covered Fashion Week events, new beauty trends, pop-culture, etc. We also secured interviews on and off camera. After two years of that format, struggling to maintain writers and keeping up with current affairs, it didn’t take long to realize that I was going in the wrong direction.

However, what I did love about the previous site were the interviews. I truly enjoyed speaking with various people to learn about how they started and what inspired them. That is something I will be carrying over to this site under “BE Inspired.” I will continue to share similar interviews with inspiring people; this time with a short 5-question format that will give us a different perspective on the subject.

Now, you’re probably wondering (or maybe not) “what will you be covering if it’s not necessarily fashion, beauty or entertainment?”

The previous model wasn’t working because it was forced. Remember, I’m not a fashion or beauty blogger so writing or keeping up with the latest is not natural to me. I like nice things and I love makeup. However, these things are not a high priority for me. What is a priority is my never-ending quest to do better. My goal to do better in all aspects of work; to care more about my health; be a better friend and an attentive wife. These are the things that matter. And those are the things I will share.

If I write about a product, it will not be from an expert standpoint. If I share advice, please note I am not certified. Take that sh*t with a grain of salt. I’m just saying . . . please consider that to be an official disclaimer.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all. 🙂


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