I Got My Life in Curacao

I Got My Life in Curacao

I love my birthday!

I am a proud Capricorn who believes that all Capricorns should be celebrated. LOL. Therefore, each year around October/November I think of an elaborate plan for my birthday. And eight times out of ten, it doesn’t come to fruition.

There are many reasons for that. My birthday is January 11th. By the time January 1st rolls around, I’m exhausted from the holiday. And I only assume that everyone else would not only be equally exhausted but, also broke from holiday shopping. So I’m always disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm the week of my birthday. Regardless, I try my best to make the most of it. The lack of energy could be an internal insecurity, or maybe it’s real. However, we won’t be unpacking that in this post.

The process usually goes from “I should throw a big party and invite everyone” to “dinner would be just fine” or better yet “let’s order Wing Stop.”

This year I tried my best to fight through it, despite a few hiccups and tantrums. After weeks of back and forth (internally) I decided Colorado would be lovely. Then thought Curaçao, to escape the cold NYC weather, would make more sense. Great! Curaçao it is.

So I invited a group of people. Lost half of the invite list (people typically drop out when the plans get real). I obsessed over details. Booked a Villa. Searched Kayak for flights. And we were off to paradise.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to be on 1000 the entire time. I wasn’t interested in a relaxing vacation. My goal was to “turn up” and “show out,” and that’s precisely what I did.

I had an AMAZING time. Curaçao is stunning. The villa we rented was unbelievable, and the company was great. For once I was satisfied with my outfit selection. I was comfortable in my swimsuits. And I had a drink in my hand almost every hour. Perfection!

The moral of this story? Sometimes you have to push past yourself to get your life.


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