I started a podcast?

I started a podcast?

Why do I think people would want to listen to me? Because I have dope shit to say, that’s why. Actually, I never thought about the listener when I decided to start the podcast. The only thing I knew was that I had perspectives and opinions on various topics from relationships to pop culture, and I wanted to share them.

Honestly, starting a podcast or radio show has been on my list of “man I wish I could…” for a long time. For almost 10 years I’ve had a concept for a show that I let sit in my hard drive. I never knew how and which way to launch it, or who would join me in the launch. I just knew the show called for a co-host but I still needed to find someone to commit.

Fast forward to 2017. This is the year I decided to pursue my dreams. Every goal that was/is remotely tangible is on the table to be resurrected and/or manifested. So as luck would have it, I met a great co-host and commenced to launching a show titled Spare Change. Why Spare Change? Because it’s our two cents combined. You see what I did there? LOL

My list of goals is long so my plan is to go through each one carefully. Of course, there are still things that are harder than others to begin. However, I am doing my best to start one (or two) things at a time and add more as I feel able to take on additional projects.

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