New Crystals, New Energy

New Crystals, New Energy

If you listened to our Spare Change Podcast then you already know about my quest to clear my energy and realign my chakras. Didn’t that sound like I know what I’m talking about? I’ve been doing my best impression of being informed.

The truth is, for the past few months I’ve realized that my energy has been slightly “off.” More specifically, within the past few weeks I’ve had a few negative incidences that really made me question myself and why I’m attracting the madness.

During the launch of our Spare Change podcast, my co-host, Sherrell, and I discussed my energy and how I can potentially change and/or combat the negativity. She mentioned the benefits of crystals and mediation that has changed her life. So, last week she took me to a shop in the Village where I was given a brief tutorial by the sales associate. I went in with zero expectations so after an hour or so, I left the store with a very basic understanding, five crystals, and sage for cleansing.

Since this is still new to me, I am in no way, shape, or form able to speak more about the experience. I’m still trying to process everything. I know I have work to do with fully understanding how to utilize the crystals and how to incorporate meditation. My first feat would be figuring out how to end my relentless imaginary itches and music playing in my head as I attempt to meditate.

Either way, I believe I’m on the right path to controlling my energy and warding off negativity. I’m keeping an open mind.

Here are 5 benefits of crystals, according to my research:

  1. Help increase your abundance
  2. Enhance your romantic life
  3. Reignite passion for your work
  4. Break down barriers to forgiveness
  5. Remove blockages of self-doubt and fear

This entire journey is new to me. I welcome any suggestions and comments you might have for me and would love to read your personal experience(s) with crystals.


Note: The image shown does not belong to me. My crystals are not pictured.


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