New Year, No Resolutions

New Year, No Resolutions

The New Year is synonymous with new resolutions. The main one is typically to “lose weight” or “get fit.” I’m usually guilty of subscribing to this trend, but this year I decided I will not participate.

I realized that I spent the entire 2017 worried about my weight, or in search of my clavicles. A friend once said to me “it makes me sad that you spend so much time watching your weight.” However, “watching” seems to be exactly what I’ve been doing. I can’t honestly say that I’ve been consistent with my workout routines or consistent with my clean eating regime. No work almost always equates to no results.

I won’t begin to explain why I wasn’t consistent or what obstacles I faced because the reality is there were none that kept me from refusing happy hour invitations or using the gym membership that I’m already paying for.

So, even though I have not reached my fitness goal, I will NOT resolve to lose weight this year. I will NOT resolve to eat clean. And I will NO longer be in search of my clavicles.

Instead, I will focus being kinder to myself. Speaking words of affirmations to myself. I will be mindful to only speak words to myself that I wouldn’t mind others hearing or saying about me as well.

Therefore, I will not call that a resolution, I will call that a promise. So here’s to the new year and the promises we should make to ourselves.


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