Politically Speaking

Politically Speaking

I’m not an activist by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, I often find myself in a state of feeling helpless and sometimes a little clueless. With so much going on around us, I think it’s imperative to be vigilant and mindful of the current state of America – and the world for that matter. Blatant racism and ignorance is on the rise. Global warming should be a major concern. People of color are continuing to suffer.  And the country is being run down to the ground at record speed.

Admittedly, I teeter on the line of being “woke” and wanting to sleep in. When I say “woke”, I mean being conscious, staying abreast of the latest news reports, being active in the community and/or via social media to share the message. My daily news feeds are filled with ridiculous political updates and everyday injustices against people of color. It’s overwhelming, to say the least.

It’s important for me to be informed and properly educated on the changes happening nationally, especially regarding those bills that go unnoticed but can affect everyone. The climate may have always been this divisive, but in Trumps America it seems heightened. Everything in the news is happening at a faster rate with  astonishing new lows.


I know there are other people who would like to join in on conversations but don’t feel well-versed enough to participate. I, too, used to have a hard time keeping up with the latest disaster or injustice, but I’ve adopted a few tools to help me stay current. I can’t say that I am ready to start a march, but I do feel equipped enough to participate in honest dialog without being intimidated

There are a several activists that I follow who always seem to gather the facts in a laymen way for everyone to understand. For those who are interested in staying awake, below is a short list of people and podcasts that I recommend.

Angela Rye Podcast – On One with Angela Rye

Alicia Garza – Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter – @AliciaGarza
Angela Rye – CNN Political Commentator – @angela_rye
April D. Ryan – White House Correspondent – @AprilDRyan
Shaun King – Journalist – @ShaunKing

Angela Rye – CNN Political Commentator – @angela_rye
Tamika D. Mallory – Entrepreneur – @TamikaDMallory

Shaun King – Journalist – @ShaunKing


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