Pushing Through

Pushing Through

BEnoted. has been a baby of mine for years. This site has experienced many changes, facelifts, and has been rerouted a few times. In the beginning, I was going in a direction that was a little difficult to maintain due to my schedule. Also, I could admit that I wasn’t too fond of the type of content I was writing about. I found the only thing that fueled me was the interviews that allowed me to get to know different people from various industries. However, try to keep that up with a full-time work schedule and life that doesn’t slow down. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. In other words, give these full-time bloggers their props. They deserve it.

As I beat myself up about remaining consistent, I had to pause and take a moment to dig deeper into why it’s been so difficult to maintain. I made a short list of potential obstacles and tried to tackle each one to make sense of it. Starting with…

1 – Judgment
“Stay focused and don’t concern yourself with the opinions of others.” Yes. Yes. I know. But that’s sometimes easier said, than done. When you’re new to something and still figuring it out, there will be room for doubt. It’s natural.

I obviously know not to remain in that place of doubt, but fighting the feeling takes effort. I literally had to tell myself if people can judge Beyonce, then they’re absolutely capable of judging you. So if the judgment is what you’re afraid of, you might as well wrap everything up and delete your site. You can’t prevent the judgment, but you can and should ignore it. PERIOD.

2 – Insecurities
This probably should have been number one on the list. Insecurity is the root of most setbacks and false launches. Whenever there was a hick-up in my plan, I would stop and instead of readjusting my stance. I told myself “no one will get it” or “people will think this is silly.” I was not confident in my work and it caused me to stall many times.

I can honestly say that with the help of affirmations and daily prayer, I was able to change the narrative in my head. I no longer care who will get it or who thinks it’s silly. I am comfortable with what I’m doing and who I am, and if it doesn’t work for you, it’s not for you.

3 – Laziness
Yup. I said it. Sometimes I am just plain lazy. There are days when I could turn off the television, but I choose not to. Maybe I’m catching up on Queen Sugar. Or Tami is acting out on Basketball Wives and I can’t turn my head. The excuses are endless. But, I’m reminded of people who make sacrifices every day and how that pays off for them. It’s a simple thing. You get what you put in. I had to learn balance. I’m not saying that I (or anyone) shouldn’t watch television, but be smart about the time committed to that. If I get home from work and there are five hours left in the day before I go to sleep, then 1.5 hours could be for dinner and a shower, 1 hour for television, and 2.5 hours for writing and working. That seems fair… and feasible. I also learned that it’s important to set realistic goals – otherwise, it will feel like another daunting task.

If you’ve experienced these obstacles and have different tips to combat them, please share. I believe it’s important to keep an arsenal of tactics to ward off these success killers.


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