Spiked Spin

Spiked Spin

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I’m on a journey of self-healing. That includes mental and physical. Along with my emotional intelligence lessons, I’ve signed up to work on my outer shell.

A few months ago while scrolling through my Instagram feed, I discovered Briana Owens. The name held no meaning to me at the time, and her face was unfamiliar. I knew I needed to follow Briana’s business page, Spiked Spin, to learn more about her. And, I am happy I did.

Spiked Spin is quite literally what it sounds like. A stationary bike cocktail, spiked with your favorite Beyonce playlist, Migos hood anthem, and nostalgic RnB.

However, Spiked Spin is a lot more than dope music. Picture this – A healing session for your soul; an opportunity to release frustration; a girl’s night out; and a fellowship with new friends. You will dance and hope you don’t fall off your bike. You will cry from the affirmations and the motivational mantras that she speaks out loud. You’ll laugh because you realized you pushed yourself farther than you thought you could go. Spiked Spin was all of this and more for me last week.

Owned and led by Briana Owens, Spiked Spin is not your average spin class. Aside from an intense workout, you leave much lighter than you arrived. By the end of the class, I felt as though I ended a session with a therapist. Briana has a way of encouraging you to release everything including; doubt, fear, and stress. Whatever your concern was when you entered that class, you will undoubtedly leave minus a load.

I’m not sure if it’s her voice or the atmosphere, but there were tears from the rider to my left and praise hands from the rider to my right.

Last week was my second time taking Spiked Spin and each time I had the same feeling. I’m not going to tell you to go. But I’m going to tell you if you live in NY, you should go. You will NOT regret it.

Read more about Spiked Spin HERE.


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